You can Begin Planning Your Machu Picchu Trekking Vacation.

Machu Picchu TrekkingThere are all different kinds of travelers, in the world, and there are just as many different ways to travel.  While some prefer to relax on a warm, sunny beach, others prefer to ski down a snow-covered slope.  Others, still, find more adventuresome trips to be the best of all.  These travelers feel happiest when they are trekking through the foothills of an historic location, such as Machu Picchu.  Machu Picchu, like a few other great and wondrous locations, in the world, is a rare combination of natural beauty and man-made beauty.  The ruined city of Machu Picchu sits atop the beautiful Andes Mountains.  Each year, countless travelers make the voyage to Machu Picchu, to trek its slopes and valleys.  If you are planning a Machu Picchu Trekking vacation, KB Tambo is definitely the best tour service and hotel.

The biggest reason why KB Tambo is the best choice, when it comes to Peru trekking, is the fact that they offer some modern comforts, without degrading the authenticity of the hiking experience.  You can hike or mountain bike on rugged trails, by day, and then return to their very nice hotel, for drinks, internet access, and all the comforts you would expect from a hotel, anywhere else.  Of course, you would not travel all the way to Peru, to visit one of the most marvelous historical sites, just to sit in a hotel, though.  If you are going to make the journey, you are undoubtedly doing so because you legitimately want to experience the wonder of this location, firsthand.  Trekking Machu Picchu is not as dangerous as trekking some other mountains, but that does not mean that it is completely safe.  As with any other intense outdoor hiking experience, you do need to be healthy enough for the activate and prepared to handle the exertion and low oxygen density.  As with most other high-altitude locations, it is important to be in good health, in order to attempt the trek.  If you know that you cannot handle being exposed to lower oxygen density environments, it may not be the best destination for you.

Trekking is basically another word for hiking, though it usually refers to hiking done in a more rugged environment, such as the Andes mountains.  In general, wether trekking or hiking in Peru or anywhere else, it is important to keep your wits about you.  After all, even though you are with a tour group, you are still expected to be able to keep up, on your own.  You will never get left behind or left in a dangerous situation, but you should seriously consider your overall level of health, before deciding to undertake such a challenge.  Of course, there are all different tour groups, that go hiking in Peru.  KB Tambo offers some several day long, more strenuous packages, but they also offer shorter ones that are perhaps a little easier for beginners to handle.  So, if trekking Peru sounds like something you want to have under your belt, you should call KB Tambo.

Trekking in Peru is the perfect way to celebrate the end of law school

I had spent the last three years working so hard to get through law school, and I was finally close to finished. Just a couple of months left and my classmates and I would be free! Free to go to work, presumably, but I had decided to take a few weeks off before starting to study for the bar exam. Peru trekkingI had been distracted about where to go ever since I made the decision to take the time off. I wanted to take a trip, but was not sure what the best options were for me. I could certainly use some rest and relaxation on a tropical island somewhere, but I was also wondering if I should not take a more active trip and find something that would keep me exercising and engaged in general, rather than just laying around on a beach somewhere.

There was always the stereotypical trip, backpacking around Europe, but I had been to Europe several times growing up and I wanted to try something new and go somewhere I had never been before. I kept coming back to a tropical island vacation somewhere, but I knew it was not quite right. I knew that laying on the beach would get boring within a matter of a day or two, and then I would be stuck on an island somewhere. So I turned to the internet and social media for suggestions, and while there were tons of people offering a lot of different advice, one suggestion seemed to occur just frequently enough that I could not shake it. Not that I was trying to, but it was something I had never thought of doing before and I simply was not sure what it entailed. The suggestion that kept popping up over and over was to go trekking in Machu Picchu, an archaeological site in Peru which was built and then abandoned by the Incas in the sixteenth century.

I had never been particularly interested in archaeology and so it was never something that had jumped out at me. But rave reviews of the views, the hiking, and the history made me start to change my mind and consider going trekking in Peru. The more and more I thought about it as the semester was rapidly coming to a close, the more I thought to myself that I should go trekking in Peru, and decided to look into arranging the trip. What I wanted to do was exactly this, get out of my comfort zone and try something new, and what could be more exciting or new than a trip like this? Anxiously I awaited the arrival of the end of the semester, and two days after my last final exam, I am taking off on my trip to Peru! I am so excited, and cannot wait to tell everyone about it when I get back. I plan on taking lots of pictures and documenting the whole thing. I am confident I will love this trip, and might never get such an incredible opportunity again.

Working on a climbing expedition

I have never worked on a climbing expedition before, but I think that there is a first time for everything, and just because I haven’t done it before doesn’t mean that I won’t be good at it. I have been on several mountain climbing expeditions to the top of summits before, so I know what the journey is like for the group. But I have never worked on an expedition before, and I’ve never even been on one that is this large and takes this long. Usually its up in a day or two, and then you are done. But I’ve just gotten a job with an outfitting company that takes expeditions up to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and they are in need of several different positions on the crew.  I will be filling in for the cook that is on leave this month, so I’ll get to head almost all the way to the top, cooking for the clients along the way. I don’t have to carry the food up, but I will be cooking for a large group at high elevations, so that will be a challenge and a learning curve for sure.  But that is the exciting part I think, because I’ve always wanted to head out to the mountains for long stretches at a time, and this will be the perfect opportunity for me to do that.  AMGA Mountain Guides do these trips that take about ten days.  The majority of the days are slowly ascending the mountain with a group of travelers, many of whom are not in tip top shape and have not really ever planned to hike to the summit of a mountain before. Their teams take the trail on the back side, which takes longer but is not as steep as the trail on the front side of the mountain. That just means that I get more days on the mountain working and cooking than if I had taken a job with a different outfitter who went up the front side of the mountain instead. This way I get to be out for several days at a time, with the same group of clients the whole time, getting to know them and making friends with them before they summit and head home. People on vacation are great to know and meet, and I do not mind at all cooking for them, even though I am cooking at elevation and it is not a skill that I have ever used before. But this is a great job for this part of my summer, and I’m really just thankful to the AMGA Mountain Guides for hiring me on even though I didn’t have any previous cooking experience on a trek or up at higher elevations. I think that its something I will pick up really quickly, so I’m not too worried about how it will all turn out in the end. I just want to be out there on the mountain every day that I can while I still have the chance.

amga mountain guides

Have you ever considered Trekking to Macchu Picchu?

trekking peru

Many of us have seen this iconic picture of Macchu Picchu somewhere. It appears on calendars, posters, websites and in travel magazines but have you ever imagined it being a part of your vacation photographs? Peru has become one of the hottest adventure destinations in the world and topping the list of things to do in Peru is trekking to Macchu Picchu. For one to truly appreciate the scale and remoteness of this ancient ruin site you must first walk the four day hike up the Inca Trail. This is the same trail that was used by the builders of Macchu Picchu hundreds of years ago. While it isn’t a tough hike in terms of technical ability, it does require the hiker to have a high level of endurance and for them to be in at least decent cardiovascular shape. The altitude in Peru is quite high and one of the most common complaints heard by trail guides is a guest getting altitude sickness. To stave off this common ailment all you need to do is keep yourself hydrated at all times. It seems simple enough but the trick here is to drink water even when you don’t feel thirsty. Since you will be exerting yourself at a higher altitude you will be taking almost twice as many breaths as you would at sea level. This can dry you out and cause you to have severe headaches and nausea.

Another thing you can do to ensure a successful trek through Peru is to call around to the tour guides that services Lima and the surrounding area to make sure you are going with a group that really knows their way around here. Tours to Macchu Picchu have become big money in the last seven to eight years and although many of the tour companies that operate from here are on the level, some are primarily concerned with getting your money and nothing more.

One of the most reputable names in Peru for trekking adventures is KB Tambo. At KB Tambo they know this is a once in a lifetime trip for their clients and they work hard to make it a memorable one. You will be given plenty of great food and information during your stay at either their boutique or hostel. Their “eco” hostel features a bevy of hanging gardens and a rooftop patio for adventure seekers to share stories and pictures after a long day of hiking to Macchu Picchu.

There is no doubt about it, making the journey to Peru and especially Macchu Picchu will be one that you will remember and recall for the rest of your life. With some research done beforehand you can avoid the possibility of having anything go wrong during your trip and increase the chances that you have the trip of a lifetime. The amazing staff at KB Tambo is there to help you every step along the way. You will feel a sense of calm confidence knowing that you are in good hands.

Planning for airfare on a hiking trip to Peru

We have been planning an itinerary for a trip to Peru for about the last month, and we think we have it planned out in a way that will allow us to do the things we really want to do, while also not packing our days too full and leaving room to rest and relax since it is a vacation. But we had yet to check in on the plane tickets, and now that we have and we got numbers, we really need to start saving and planning for how we are going to pay for that trip of hiking in Peru. The airfare is somewhat high, higher than we thought it would be. It does make sense because it is so far south from where we are in the United States. It is going to be over 15 hours of travel, which can be very tiring and frustrating, but it is what you have to go through if you want to be able to travel to those distant places. We have both always wanted to do a trek in Peru, hiking to Machu Picchu and taking some time on the Inca Trail, making our way up into the clouds and to the top of the peaks. It just sounds surreal and incredible and like a dream come true. So we are going to do it, no matter how much it costs us to get there. We are going to go there and pay for it however we can, and that is really the only way.

hiking Peru

I have never been hiking in Peru.

I have never had the opportunity to go hiking in Peru, but it is definitely something that I plan on doing.  I really can’t wait for the opportunity and think that it is something that I want to do sooner rather than later.  Nonetheless, I will have a lot of opportunities to do it, I just have to figure out when is the right time for me.  I know that it will be a blast, but there are also quite a few different places I would like to go first.  I would like to check out Russia, although I am not pleased by many of their policies that are against homosexuality. I think that any country that is going to consider itself a free place, must have policies in place that allow for all, each and every one of their citizens, to be free.  Additionally, I think that there are quite a few of the minorities in Russia that are maligned by the government and not given equal opportunity to succeed in life.  Still, it is a place that I really want to visit.  Another place that is high on my list to go to is India.  India is a country that seems to be really shrouded in mystery.  It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but I think that there is still a lot to learn.  With all of those places mentioned, I think that trekking around Machu Picchu will still happen, but it is a question of when.

trekking machu picchu


Trekking in Peru would introduce some interesting situations.

I know from traveling around in South American countries that it is not always a safe place to go.  I think that is part of the appeal for me because when people I am friends with go on vacation to a foreign country, it means that they are probably going to Mexico.  I have only ever been to Mexico once, but it was an amazing time in the state of Jalisco.  Still, there is a big appeal for me to visit places where others have never been.  That is one of the reasons why I am so looking forward to going to the Balkans in the spring.  It is a place that most people here associate with war.  I am going not just to open up my eyes, but to also open up there eyes and let them know that there are places that we have so much to learn about.  I am not trying to sound self righteous when I say this, and I realize that that is probably the case, but there is so much opportunity for cultural exchange and learning in traveling to places where most people don’t.  At the same time, when you go on a trip, there are always tourists.  If you were to go trekking around Machu Picchu, there will be tourists just about everywhere.  That said, I am sure that you could do some trekking in Peru where you will be the only tourist around.  Those are the types of places that I am really looking forward to visiting.

trekking peru

Trekking Right Now Matters

Trekking Peru


If you are looking to have the best Machu Picchu trekking experience, ensuring that you do more than just schedule a flight will be necessary. When people vacation, they tend to forget that the actually planning must be done accordingly so that there are no issues in the future. Quite simply, this means that there needs to be a week of planning for the trip.

Included within the trip planning incorporates the following:

  1. Scheduling Transportation – Though you might think that trekking in Peru is simple for transportation, it is not at all. Ensure that all travel plans are accounted for including transportation to the airport, airport transportation and transportation to get to the part of Peru you intend to visit.
  2. Preparing meals – Knowing what and where you are going to eat can sometimes be a spontaneous adventure. However, when visiting Peru, it will be imperative to find only the most reputable places. You want to get a taste of Peru, so ensure you choose a few restaurants that will give you the feel for the country. Food tasting is sometimes the best part of vacations.
  3. Packing accordingly – When it comes to packing, it will be vital to remember that since you are trekking, packing for the weather will be pertinent. Ensure to pack both warm and light clothing so that you are never caught off guard.
  4. Checking the weather – Lastly, checking the weather will be one of the most important aspects of the trip. It will be important to know what the weather is going to be in Peru, so you can plan which days you will be trekking in Peru and which days you will stay inside.

Peru Trekking Does Matter Today

Trekking Peru
Are you looking for the best vacation spot? You might be thinking about climbing Mount Everest or something similar — but did you ever think about trekking in Peru?

Trekking in Peru can be a fun adventure for anyone who needs to get out the house and get some peace and serenity. Know what you deserve from your trekking services by hiring a travel agent. Travel agents ensure that you are going to have the adventure you desire. If you try your hardest — you can get exactly what you deserve.

Trekking Machu Picchu in Peru will be ideal for you. You should ensure that you are getting the best choices and activities while you are trekking. You will learn a lot of historical background about Peru and the Indians. Overall you can get a good sense of history, learn more about people and get what you deserve from your vacation.

If you have any questions or concerns you should ask someone today to help you. If purchasing a travel agency’s service is not for you, a friend or family member will be the next best thing for you. You can get exactly what you want and deserve.

For more information you can also visit the Machu Picchu website and see what they offer for you. You can get all the information you need today from their website and discuss over with another party who is willing to help you. Get the best information you need today and you won’t regret it.

Review Of A Hotel Stay

When I was last hiking Peru I decided that instead of hostels or camping, as I had done on previous trips to the country, I would try a hotel that I noticed while searching the streets for a cup of coffee.  The KB Tambo hotel really did not let me down.  It was all the things that I was expecting from a hotel stay, and had all the upgrades that I needed from staying in hostels the previous portion of my trip.  I extended my stay to take advantage of this hospitality, and when I finally did leave Peru, I left happier.

hiking peru

The beautiful flowers alone were worth the upgrade in my opinion, as they hotel is built around a magnificent courtyard that takes full advantage of the climate and natural growing seasons and.  While the room that I stayed in was fantastic and comfortable, I spent the majority of my time enjoying the other amenities that the hotel has to offer.  Because I was visiting in a warmer season, there was the availability of a hot tub on the roof top deck that I utilized every night that I stayed.  There is also a roof top bar and patio area where I spent much time meeting and enjoying the company of other travelers.  This was the perfect way to exchange information and gain valuable tips while I planned for my Machu Picchu trekking adventure, which was the reason I found myself in the country.  I do not know when I will have the chance to return to Peru or Machu Picchu, but when I do this is the hotel I will choose. They may even remember my name.

Visa Applications Are Not Required for Americans in Peru

One of the hassles of traveling abroad can be acquiring a visa. The extent, which Americans are required to have a visa and the hassle involved in acquiring one, varies. For instance, Americans in Canada are not even required to have a visa. As long as you have a passport, you are free to roam as long as you can account for your travels. On the other hand, Mauritania does not allow any Americans. India warmly welcomes American travelers, but acquiring a visa can be unpredictable. Peru, however, makes it easy for Americans. If an American is traveling to go Peru trekking, they are required to have a visa, but their passport will be stamped with a visa upon entering the country. This is one of the advantages of traveling to countries with whom the United States as a friendly political relationship. Hiking Peru will be a breeze for trekkers because of the positive diplomatic relations between the two countries. For many travelers, visas can be such a headache and a liability. If it is accidentally filled out incorrectly, travelers could be sent home. When traveling in West Africa, I had visa troubles of my own. I was in the Peace Corps, and we were sent to Ghana after there was political turmoil. The Peace Corps gave me a visa for Ghana in my Peace Corps passport but in my personal passport. When my service completed and I went to travel in West Africa, my Peace Corps passport expired and I had to convince the customs officer in Burkina Faso that I was who I said I was. These types of headaches will not happen for trekkers in Peru because of the ease of travel between the two countries.

Trekking Peru

The Wonders Of Trekking Machu Picchu

It is one of the most amazing places I have ever laid my eyes upon. Trekking Machu Picchu was also one of the hardest things I have ever done. The route is long and arduous, it is almost impossible if you aren’t in good shape. Hiking Peru is made especially difficult by the altitude. If you aren’t used to high elevation, you may struggle to find your breath. Some people even get sick because of the lack of oxygen in the air.

trekking Machu PicchuI knew that I needed to be prepared if I was going to successfully make it all the way to Machu Picchu. I started training a year before the trip by heading out to the Rocky Mountains for hikes as often as possible. I made sure to stay in great shape. I also decided to teach myself some key phrases in Spanish, since I’d be spending a couple of weeks in Peru.

The trek itself was simply breathtaking. I cannot really explain the feeling I got when I was exploring through ruins that had been built over hundreds of years before even my grandparents were born. It was majestic, almost surreal. When we finally arrived at Machu Picchu it took the trip to a whole new level. There has been some restoration work done on the site, and you are able to see some of the structures as they appeared five hundred years ago. Truly amazing.

Anyone who’s got an adventurous spirit and the willpower to make it through a difficult trail should definitely see Machu Picchu before they die. The pictures I was able to take do not do the trip justice, and every time I look at them I want to go back.

I Want to go Hiking Now

There are a few places that I have always wanted to visit and one of them is South America. If I ever had a chance to go to South America I would definitely want to go to Peru and go Trekking Machu Picchu. I think that it would be such a magical and amazing experience to go to this wonderful South American country and go to this mountain. If I was going to plan a trip to Peru I would definitely want to plan my trip through KB tours. Even just looking at their website makes me want to plan my trip and go to Peru tomorrow. It seems like such a wonderful place with so much to do and so much to see. I think that Machu Picchu would be such an amazing thing to see and Hiking Peru would be a once in a lifetime experience that I would love to experience. There would be so much to do and so much to see in Peru that I am not even sure how long I would want to be there. I think that I would need to be in Peru for at least a month but that does not seem realistic and that is why I would enlist the help of a tour and a tour guide as well as a travel guide to help me plan my trip and help me have the most amazing time on my vacation to Peru and to see the great mountain Machu Picchu.

want to get away now?

I’m not the adventurous type but during college a bunch of my friends studied abroad in South America. During their breaks, a bunch of them went to Peru to see Machu Picchu. Knowing that a college student could budget the trip makes me a little more excited to go because if they could do it then, I certainly could do it now. Machu Picchu trekking isn’t all too strenuous if you do not want it to be, but it is a little bit challenging. At the same time, walking and visiting Rome or Paris is almost as difficult. In fact, nowadays there are buses and even a train that will take you up to the top of Machu Picchu so you do not have to hike for an hour and a half. Though if you want to plan a trip around hiking Peru, then you are still able to do so.

I’m not the hiking type of gal, but I figure why not give it a try! I’m still young and I can afford a great vacation to South America (AND I have never been there before!!!). It’ll hopefully be an affordable trip seeing as the Peruvian soles is cheaper than one American dollar! Seeing as I spent my last vacation in France where the euro murdered the US dollar, I’m thrilled about not having the exchange rate kill my hard earned money! So I’m looking forward to planning this trip to see an important historical, and mysterious village in Peru. I’m so excited!

Safe travels! Goodbye! Have fun!

When you’re at the airport, you hear all different kinds of farewells. “Safe travels,” “Goodbye,” and “have fun” are just a few to mention. Traveling can be a stressful event, especially if you have never been to your destination. If it’s international, you’re always wondering if you packed the right things. What if you get there and they don’t have something you really need? What if the language barrier is too difficult? Trust me, these are all normal questions that someone freaks out about when traveling internationally.

I recently came back from a trip with my husband where we went hiking in Peru. Whew, that was two weeks ago and my legs are still sore. My husband luckily travelled quite often when he was younger, so he was pretty easy to please when it came to me reserving hotels and expeditions. We were on vacation in Peru for about two weeks, so it was a nice get-away, but let me tell you the language barrier was kind of difficult. I speak French and my husband speaks quasi-Spanish, so we were able to get by but it sure was hard at times. Trekking Machu Picchu was my absolute favorite part! It was at the end of our trip and we found this cute little hotel owned, oddly enough, by an American. At our hotel, we were able to connect with the staff and other tourists to go on expeditions and hikes. The Machu Picchu hike was probably the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. If you haven’t made it out there, you need to put it on our bucket list!

Things To Consider In Peru

There are a lot of things to consider when you are planning your Trekking Peru adventure and vacation. There are so many things to consider when you are planning your trip including which time of the year that you are going to go. Peru definitely has a rainy season so this is something that you are going to have to keep in mind. The weather in Peru can be finicky just like in many other souther climates so when you are thinking about planning your trip to Peru and then your trip to Machu Picchu you want to make sure that you are going at a time of year that is going to work weather wise for you.

The rainy season in Peru goes not mean that your Hiking Peru adventures or plans have to be changed at all. When it rains it makes everything in Peru extremely green and lush and it makes for beautiful scenery on your hike. If you are willing to put up and pack accordingly as well as plan accordingly for the rain then your trip is definitely going to be worth it. The beautiful rain and water makes Per so beautiful and majestic that you are not going to regret going on your trip during the November rainy season because it is going to be so amazing and beautiful and breath taking that you are not even going to be thinking about the rain but rather be thinking about how amazing Peru and Machu Picchu are.

A Trek To Machu Picchu

There are a lot of amazing places in this world and it is great when you get an opportunity to go to one. If you happen to be going to Peru then you want to make sure to see Machu Picchu and you want to make sure that you have the proper planning and proper accommodations to make sure that your trip goes the way you want it to.  If you plan on Trekking Peru then you are going to want to make sure that you know all there is to know about Peru and the mountain Machu Picchu. There are a lot of things to do in Peru but it seems that this high mountain is the number one attraction in Peru and a lot of people flock to this South American country to visit it. There are a lot of things that you need to know about Peru and about your trip and there are people that can help you and answer all of your questions. There are certain steps that you will need to take in preparing for your trip to Peru and your trip to Machu Picchu. The first thing that you must do is think about getting to Peru and the best way to get there and then once you are there the best way to get to the mountain of Machu Picchu. Peru Trekking can be a very fun and interesting adventure but it is important that you take the necessary steps in order to plan your trip.